Document Creation

Professional documents are essential for any business to operate effectively.  If you consider the daily document creation and formatting habits of your workplace, then you’ll know this to be true.

But business documents aren't always created with functionality in mind.  And this results in:

  • Time wasted on creating and formatting documents - time that could be better spent on more important tasks;
  • Poorly formatted business documents that leave a bad impression on clients and/or third parties;
  • Documents (e.g. forms) that don’t fully serve the purpose they were built for.

To see an end to these issues, however, all you need is business documents and templates that are well designed and easy to use.


Business Templates

We create business templates (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) which simplify the document creation and formatting process.  We ensure the templates we create are easy to use by anyone, regardless of their Microsoft Office skill level.

Templates are particularly useful for documents such as letters, reports, proposals, factsheets, policy documents, PowerPoint presentations, and quote / invoice spreadsheets.


Fillable Forms

We design forms that are easy to navigate and fill in.  We also ensure forms look professional and reflect your business branding.

For forms that'll be completed electronically, we add components such as fillable fields, date pickers, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.

The forms we create (in Word and/or PDF) are varied, and range from booking forms right through to enrolment forms.

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