Document Formatting Services

Your Business Documents provides professional document formatting services for all your document needs. Be it a proposal, report, agreement, client presentation ... or any type of document!

We format documents day-in and day-out. So we have the expertise to format your business documents to the standard you expect.

And we know how important your documents are to you. That's why we ensure they’re formatted in a consistent way, and in line with your business branding.

More importantly, we format documents with a clear structure and layout. This makes them easier to read. And it places the focus back on the important information they contain.

This all means you can be confident your documents will represent your business well.

Read on for more information about our document formatting services.

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Formatting of Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents

Word documents

When we format your Word document, we ensure it looks professional. We also ensure that your document will be easy to work with and/or edit when you need to update it.

The text in your Word document is especially important. That’s because business documents set up in Word are generally used to convey detailed written information. As such, we apply consistent heading and body text styles throughout.

But formatting doesn’t end there – we take a comprehensive approach when formatting your document. This involves formatting all content and elements, as follows:

  • Page layouts and margins;
  • Cover and section pages;
  • Headers and footers;
  • Headings and body text;
  • Numbered and bulleted lists;
  • Automatic table of contents;
  • Tables and charts; and
  • Pictures, diagrams and text boxes.

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PowerPoint presentations

A sleek and professional presentation is vital to your business. And this is our focus when formatting your PowerPoint presentation.

We ensure the layout and styling of each slide reinforces your business branding. This includes applying consistent heading and body text styles.

We also apply styling to tables, charts, text boxes and diagrams. And we place these elements to ensure they integrate well with your written content.

Where required, we format slides with simple, stylish animations and/or transitions.

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Excel spreadsheets

Just because your document is an Excel spreadsheet doesn’t mean it should look like one! This is what we do best. We take a boring spreadsheet and create a visually appealing document.

Our primary focus is to format data so that it’s easy to read.

We also rework layouts where necessary. When we do this, we take into consideration whether your spreadsheet is intended for print or screen viewing. In so doing, we ensure the information presents well.

Following are the elements we cover off on when formatting your Excel spreadsheet:

  • Page layouts and margins;
  • Headers and footers;
  • Headings and body text;
  • Tables and charts; and
  • Pictures and diagrams.

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PDF Conversion to Word (or other formats)

If you need a simple document conversion, then we can do this for a small fee. You’ll receive your document in the requested format, e.g. Word.

But if you need a document that’s easy to edit, we recommend you ask us to convert AND format your document.

Because when we format your converted document, we mirror the design and structure of your source PDF. And we get rid of the extra bits that creep in when a PDF is converted.

For a conversion to Word, for example, our service includes:

  • Removal of unnecessary section breaks and/or column setups, empty paragraphs, tabs, etc;
  • Formatting of all text with appropriate styles;
  • Reapplying direct formatting (e.g. bold text) where this has dropped off;
  • Adding an automatic Table of Contents, where required;
  • Structure and formatting of tables;
  • Placement of charts, pictures, diagrams and text boxes.

If requested, we'll also style the converted document to incorporate your business branding.

The most frequent document conversion we undertake is from PDF to Word. However, we can also convert to PowerPoint and Excel formats.

Likewise, if you have other document conversion requirements, we can do this too. For example, conversion of a Word document into Excel format.

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