Use Fillable PDF Forms to Improve the Way You Do Business

Technology progresses quickly. Yet, we don’t always utilise what’s available – and sometimes that’s to our own detriment. Fillable PDF forms are a great example of this. Because a form that’s quick and easy to complete can mean the difference between winning and losing a potential client.

Likewise, a fillable PDF form enhances the perception of how easy it is to do business with you. And in the end, this is a MUST!

You want your clients to keep coming back. You want to show them that you know what good service means. And you want to show them that you’re professional in everything you do.

What’s the alternative?

We still see it today. You receive a form via email to fill in, sign and send back. The form may be in a digital format, but the process is still old-school. It’s the same as what we’ve always done …

If you’re lucky, the form has fields to type in your information.

If not, you need to print it out … and then fill it in by hand (yes, this still happens!).

Then you need to sign the form.

Next, you either send it via snail mail, or scan the form to PDF so you can email it back.

Are you frustrated yet?

It’s not an alternative, is it? And it’s not what you want to be doing – wasting your clients’ (or potential clients’) time. Because this could see them going to your competitors.

Fillable PDF forms help you improve the way you do business

With a fillable PDF form, you email a copy of your form (or provide a link on your website to download the form).

The recipient opens the form. They type in the required information, and sign it using an electronic signature. Then it’s just a matter of saving the PDF form and emailing it back to you.

The difference in process is clear.

There are other benefits to using fillable PDF forms

It’s easy to see how fillable PDF forms improve the way you do business. Of added benefit, they show your clients (and potential clients) how easy it is to work with you. And that you mean business.

And they help streamline your important business processes.

Administration-wise, there’s no more time wasted trying to decipher handwriting. No more unnecessary errors or time wasted confirming responses / details with clients. And so you reduce your administration costs.

Business-wise, you can ensure clarity and compliance of your business terms and conditions. Business is more likely to move ahead without delay, and generally run smoother.

Marketing-wise, well-designed fillable PDF forms are another opportunity to reinforce your business branding. And to show how professional you are.

What does a well-designed fillable PDF form look like?

A well-designed fillable PDF form is easy to complete. It has a logical structure which flows, with clear instructions.

It also gives users plenty of space to fill in their responses.

A well-designed form is consistent in design and wording. And above all, it looks professional.

What to keep in mind when sourcing fillable PDF forms for your business

The most important thing to keep in mind when sourcing fillable PDF forms is the end user. Most users will likely fill in your form electronically. But there are still some who’d rather fill in a form the traditional way.

So it’s important that your fillable PDF form caters to both scenarios. A savvy service provider will know how to design a single form that works well in either digital or print format. There's no need for two separate forms.

Next, is to decide how you want your fillable PDF form created. There are two options.

The first is to work with an existing form but make no changes to the design. This is a great option where you already have a professionally designed form.

The second option is to create the form from scratch. This involves an update to both the design and structure of the form, as required.

Whichever option you choose, always check that your forms will include fillable fields. And other elements such as dropdown lists, checkboxes, signature and date fields, etc.

Otherwise, you’ll have sourced a PDF form, but not one that can be completed electronically.

What's the next step?

Review the forms you already have. What can you do to improve them?

Likewise, review the aim of your forms. Ensure you’re gathering all the relevant information you need.

For example, do you find yourself always asking the same question of clients via email? If yes, could you instead include these questions in your form? Or is a follow-up form necessary?

The same is true for questions you find your clients asking you. Would it make sense to include the information they need in an existing form, or a follow-up form?

Also consider reviewing your current business processes. Is there an opportunity to streamline the way you do things? Can you consolidate the information you provide clients? Can you become more professional in the way you communicate with them?

If your answer is yes, then speak with us today. We’ll partner with you to build the forms you need to take your business to the next level.

We’ll help you translate your needs into forms that are professional, streamlined and easy to use. And we’ll make your business not only look great, but also more efficient in the process.

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