Tidy up your formatting with Format Painter

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I often compile new documents by gathering text from documents I’ve created in the past.  It’s just so much easier and more efficient to copy and paste text you know is relevant instead of starting from scratch.  To avoid bringing across unwanted formatting, I always suggest using Word’s Keep Text Only feature, but the next best […]

Automatically update wreaking havoc?

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Styles that automatically update … sounds good, I know, but (just secretly) I’ve been caught out by this Word feature a number of times in the past.  Have you? Let me give you a scenario.  I’m working away on my document and decide that a heading which has the Heading 1 style applied needs to […]

Keep text only

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Have you ever worked on a lengthy Word document, pasting text from other documents / programs, to then find your final document is a mishmash of different styles and formatting?  Well there’s a simple way to avoid this. Here’s how: Paste the text at the appropriate point within your document; A clipboard icon with Paste […]

Transpose your data

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Have you ever spent time setting up an Excel spreadsheet to then decide it would work better if your data ran horizontally rather than vertically?  What do you do? Well, you could copy each cell individually, moving down the column as you go and pasting the data across your chosen row, but this is really […]