Dispelling the mystery surrounding bookmarks

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Writing recently about cross-referencing within Word got me thinking about bookmarks.  There are so many reference types that can be so easily cross-referenced; whereas the process to cross-reference a bookmark requires an extra step of adding the bookmark in the first place.  Does this put people off?  I don’t see bookmarks used very often so maybe […]

PowerPoint’s Summary Slide made easy

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Once upon a time in PowerPoint (2003 and earlier versions) it was possible, just like with Word, to create a Table of Contents with the click of a button, or two.  This feature was known as Summary Slide.  Unfortunately, it was removed from PowerPoint 2007 onwards, leaving users with a not so easy process to […]

Give me a (section) break!

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Section breaks are a bit of a mystery but if there’s one thing you should know about them, it’s this: section breaks control the formatting of the pages before it.  This includes formatting such as: Headers / footers; Page orientations – portrait versus landscape; Page layouts, e.g. standard one column page versus two columns; Page numbering. […]