Transpose your data

Have you ever spent time setting up an Excel spreadsheet to then decide it would work better if your data ran horizontally rather than vertically?  What do you do?

Well, you could copy each cell individually, moving down the column as you go and pasting the data across your chosen row, but this is really time consuming.  Luckily though, we have Transpose, a simple paste option which automatically converts the flow of your data from vertical to horizontal, and vice versa.

Transpose data in Excel

Here’s how:

  • Select and copy the block of data to be transposed;
  • Move your cursor to where you’d like your data inserted (be sure there’s no other data where your new data is to be transposed);
  • Right click the cell;
  • Under Paste Options, select Transpose.

Now, if you’re copying data into your Excel spreadsheet from an alternate source, say a Word document, Excel doesn’t give you the Transpose option.  Therefore, the first step will be to paste your data into your spreadsheet.  Then select and copy the data once more, and use the above steps to transpose it.

So the next time you find yourself having to rearrange your data, try using Transpose.  This function will not only save you time but, more importantly, ensures no chance of error when you’re transforming your spreadsheet.