Who We Are

Your Business Documents provides professional document formatting services. We specialise in the creation and formatting of business documents and templates.

Owned and operated by two sisters, we have one core mission. And that is to provide a service that’s reliable, efficient, and trustworthy.

We're based in Melbourne, Australia, as are many of our clients. But we also work with clients from anywhere across Australia, and around the world.

Our clients count on us because they know we provide high quality outcomes. And that we tailor outcomes specific to their document needs. They also know they can rely on us to format their important documents when they're short of in-house resources and/or knowhow.

Who Our Clients Are

We work with small to medium sized businesses.

They come from diverse industries but one thing unites them. And that is they understand the importance of functional documents for their business. They recognise that with a lack of functionality, comes a loss in productivity. And so they see the value in having business documents and templates that are well designed.

They also value the need for their business documents to present well. That's because they know that these documents are ultimately a reflection of their business.

What We Do

We’re Microsoft Office experts. Our document formatting services cover documents created in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. We use these apps day-in and day-out. And have done so for close to 20 years!

Over the past decade, our document formatting services have evolved to meet the needs of our clients.

So we now also produce robust templates (in Word, PowerPoint and Excel). We build these with ease of use in mind. So that our clients can confidently create and format their own business documents.

Likewise, we create PDF forms. The forms we create not only look professional. But they also make it easy for our clients to gather information from their own clients.

What You Can Expect

We work with business, so we know what you want.

Firstly, we focus on formatting business documents that are as professional as you are. Because we know how important this is to your business.

As is your time.

In this respect, we always aim to provide a service that’s thorough and efficient. We do this by ensuring clear communication every step of the way. And by our focus and attention to detail when creating and formatting your documents. Likewise, you’ll always receive your formatted documents by the agreed turnaround.

Finally, and important for every business, is confidentiality.

Our service terms and conditions cover confidentiality of your information. In this way, you can rest easy that your documents are securely managed. And your information is safe with us!

Ultimately, Your Business Documents is that service partner you can rely on. So be sure to contact us today.