Business Templates

Are your business templates as functional as they should be?

What we often hear from clients is that formatting documents takes up too much valuable time. Yet, the documents produced (and sent to clients!) still look unprofessional.

The reason? We’ve found that templates are usually set up in an ad hoc manner, if set up at all. And so functionality is rarely taken into account.

What happens when templates aren’t built with functionality in mind?

Poorly designed templates result in time wasted when creating and formatting documents. This is time that could be better spent on more important tasks.

They also don’t include all the elements necessary to format documents in an effective way. Without such tools, the documents created are substandard. And that leaves a bad impression on clients and/or third parties!

Likewise, when faced with inadequate templates, users revert to copying a pre-existing document. That’s because they believe this is a ‘quicker’ way to create and format their document. This can also occur where templates aren’t used at all. Either way, it’s best to avoid such a scenario. Because working in this way can lead to sensitive information being accidentally retained when documents are created.

What are the benefits of well-designed business templates?

Functional business templates provide the tools needed to create and format documents. And given the number of documents produced in your business every day, it’s easy to see why templates are an invaluable resource.

Ultimately, well-designed business templates:

  • Streamline lengthy formatting and other processes to one or two steps. So they ease the formatting burden for users and increase productivity;
  • Enable users (of any skill level) to create, build and format documents that are consistent in layout and design;
  • Reinforce your business branding. So each document created looks professional and reflects well on your business.

The results …

Word templates for business

Well-designed Word templates make it simple to create business reports, letters, proposals. Or any text-based document that requires structured and easy to read content.

That’s because templates take the guesswork out of formatting documents. All heading and body text styles have already been set. And all elements (such as tables and text boxes) are also styled. This reduces the amount of formatting required when creating documents, saving users time and stress.

PowerPoint templates for business

PowerPoint templates enable you to present information in a clear and professional way. That’s because they include all the graphic elements and layouts needed to build a presentation. Given this, users don’t require design skills to create a presentation that looks great. Or one that clearly presents your business information.

Excel templates for business

Excel templates are ideal for spreadsheets that you need to send to clients. Templates incorporate set styles and page layout(s). And they’re formatted so they don’t look like spreadsheets. This makes it simple to produce professional spreadsheets that contain information that’s easy to follow.

How can Your Business Documents help?

We’ve seen a lot of bad formatting that comes from inadequate business templates. So we know how users work with documents and where they run into the most difficulty.

Because of this, we build user friendly templates. Templates include all the elements needed to create professional documents. Likewise, we add in-document instructions to help you build and format documents easily. That way, you can harness the full potential of your customised business templates.

Our aim is to ensure that, no matter the user’s skill level, they can achieve the same great results effortlessly every time … day in and day out … week after week … year after year.

See this page for more information about our template creation services.

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