Business Templates

Are your business templates as functional as they should be?

What we often hear from business leaders is that their staff spends too much valuable time formatting documents.  Yet, the documents they produce (and send to clients!) still look unprofessional.

The reason?  We’ve found that templates are usually set up in an ad hoc manner, if set up at all.  And so functionality is rarely taken into account.

What are the benefits of a well-designed business template?

Functional business templates ensure your staff have the tools they need to do their work efficiently.

And given the number of documents produced within your organisation every day, it’s easy to see why templates are an invaluable resource.

Ultimately, well-designed business templates will:

  • Increase productivity because they streamline lengthy formatting and other processes to one or two steps, and thereby ease the formatting burden for users;
  • Enable users (of any skill level) to effortlessly create, build and format documents that are consistent in layout and design;
  • Reinforce your business branding so that each document produced looks professional and reflects well on your organisation.

How can Your Business Documents help?

We’ve seen a lot of bad formatting that comes from inadequate business templates.  So we’ve gained a good understanding of how users work with documents and where they run into the most difficulty.

Because of this, we build user friendly templates which include all the elements needed to efficiently create professional documents.  Likewise, we add in-document instructions to help users build and format documents easily.  That way, users can harness the full potential of your customised templates.

Our aim is to ensure that, no matter the skill level of the user, the same great results are achieved, effortlessly, each and every time, day in and day out, week after week, year after year.

The detail …

Here's a little more info about the types of templates we build, and what's included ...

Word templates

Word templates incorporate customised layouts and styles, including bullets and numbering. We format templates to reinforce your branding and to include functional document navigation (via content controls / fields). We also add regularly used elements (such as cover pages, text boxes, tables of contents) as building blocks to make it easy for you to insert these components within your documents.

Example templates include letters, reports, proposals, tenders, submissions, and internal documents such as memos.

PowerPoint templates

PowerPoint templates include slide layouts and master text styles, customised to suit your branding. We incorporate regularly used slides (which may include tables, charts, flowcharts, etc) so you can quickly add these elements to your presentation as and when needed.

Example templates include business presentations, customer / product presentations, animated graphs and process diagrams, and training slides.

Excel templates

Excel templates are built with as many automated functions as possible, eliminating time consuming calculations. We format templates to reinforce your branding, particularly important where spreadsheets are sent to third parties.

Example templates include automated invoices and quotes.

So what's the next step?

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